A partial list of players, who have owned, toured and/or recorded with their Franklin guitars are included below. These, and other players can also be found playing Franklin guitars on YouTube. Listen to some samples on our Listen page.

Stefan Grossman

Shining Shadows

Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn – Live in Concert

Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn – The Three Kingdoms

Love, Devil & the Blues

Stefan Grossman & Duck Baker – Northern Skies & Southern Blues

Shake That Thing

Stefan Grossman & Tokio Uchida – Bermuda Triangle Exit

Stefan Grossman, Steve Katz & Danny Kalb – Played a Little Fiddle

John Renbourn

The Nine Maidens

Snap a Little Owl

Ship of Fools

Wheel of Fortune

The Keeper of the Vine

Live in Italy

Travellers Prayer

El McMeen

Sacred Music for Fingerstyle Guitar

Celtic, Sacred & Pop Fingerstyle Guitar

Irish Guitar Encores

Woody Mann

Stairwell Serenade

Heading Uptown


Larry Coryell

Dragon Gate

Al DiMiola

Elegant Gypsy

Harry Manx

Raga Meets the Blues

Reno Brandoni


Anema E Corde

Chris Proctor


The Delicate Dance

Marc Mancina

Imagine That (Soundtrack)