Customer Reviews

We think letters from those who own a Franklin guitar best describe them:

“Having never seen, heard, nor played one of your guitars, I really didn’t know what to expect. Upon first playing it, I was amazed to hear such a big, clear sound from such a small guitar. I was pleasantly surprised. I was going to compare the OM with-say, Martin, or Alvarez, or Greven, but I think my OM is in a class all its own. The action is pleasant, the tone is lovely, whether playing loud or soft. It sounds especially nice in any ‘open’ tuning (my favorite is C). Your workmanship is impeccable. Very nice detailing.” -Tom Hogan, AK

“As a rule I do not write appreciative letters to people who supply things that I buy. I reason that I have paid for their services and that is compensation enough. However, I just bought one of your guitars and I’m forced to break a long-standing rule and tell you of my joy in the instrument. What can I say? The thing is as near perfect as anything made by man can be! I’ve made four guitars myself and I think I can say with authority that I can see no area that could be improved. The Brazilian rosewood is stunning (it looks like a sunset on the back), the inlay, the binding-everything about it is superb! The tone is sweet with a very powerful bass but not out of proportion. The mid-tones on the G and D strings send shivers up my back. Congratulations on a superlative job of craftsmanship!” -Rob Russon, UT

“I have just received my new Franklin in perfect condition. I am playing it now. Great sound! Beautiful looks! I love it! And the neck fits me very well. Thank you very much for a wonderful guitar. For my tour, I usually take a couple of guitars with me. Then I decided to take the new Franklin with me for the tour which will start tomorrow. When I play it on the stages and someone takes the photos, I will send them to you by e-mail. Thanks a lot again!” -Tokio Uchida, Japan

“The guitar you made for me is everything I hoped for and things I couldn’t imagine. It is a wonderful musical instrument, a wonderful guitar. I’ve had it for a bit over six months now and the overwhelming aspect of it is its sound. It’s a beautiful guitar physically, it looks great, it’s cool, but that’s all in the back-ground. It’s the sound. It is beautiful, beautiful. It’s got a huge range of capability, of possibility. I love its tone and voice. There’s no place on the guitar where I say, ‘Oh I wish it sounded better here.’ I play it and never say, ‘I’m tired of hearing this guitar,’ or, ‘this is boring me,’ which I do on other guitars. Bad as my playing can be, I’m never tired of hearing your guitar. You know this, you made it. It is a very, very easy guitar for me to play, the action is soft and supple, and it fits me well. The sound has developed a great deal in at least three stages I recognize. I’m not afraid of handling the instrument, or playing it freely. It is well taken care of and is in great shape.” -Saul Wax, NC

“Enclosed are some photos with the Franklin Guitar. What a fine instrument. I recently spoke with John and he seemed just as happy with his instrument as I am with mine. Thanks. ” -Stefan Grossman, NJ

“…Just thinking about the guitar has kept me awake at night and I can only say that it is beyond even my wildest expectations. The neck and the action are beautiful and I am really looking forward to using the guitar for my next record…” -John Renbourn, Scotland